Art Photography

Most Galleries and Exhibitions need to see reproductions of your art work before they will consider you and your work. Unfortunately, taking a snap with your phone will not normally do your work justice. To photograph artwork it needs to be properly and evenly lit over the entire surface. The photo itself has to show accurate colour reproduction, detail of texture and zero distortions. It also helps to have experience of doing this.

My fee is £25 per half-hour. You can photo quite a lot of work in that time. Most of the photos will require some cropping and perhaps some other post-processing. Again, this is charged at £25 per 30 minutes with most images only requiring a few minutes.

The output is provided on CD at high, medium and low resolutions. Please get in contact or call 07949 142 497 for further information.

Rescuing old photos and transparencies

Many of us have old black and white photos of our parents, grandparents or even great-grandparents that have got damaged with age. Or perhaps colour prints from the time before digital photography. A lot of these can be rescued via scanning, correcting and post-processing, by hand. There are a couple of before and after examples below. If you have just a few you want rescued for an event or to share, I can help. The cost varies depending on how much needs to be done but expect an average of £10 per photo.

Transparencies from mounted 35mm to plain 5×4 inch can also be scanned for digital use – and corrected where necessary, though this is typically less needed. The key with transparencies is maintaining their rich colour palette for digital use.

These are not automated or bulk services; they are a “by hand service” aimed to get the very best out of your old photos and transparencies. Please get in contact and I can explain the whole process in detail.